Worlds Apart

Session 33 - Summary

Previously on Worlds Apart...

They finished up their meeting with Anatole. He informed them of the happenings around the city and with the Returners to the best of his knowledge. When told by his friends that they intended to investigate the happenings at the Lusty Goblin, he provided them with a letter to help them get in. He asked simply that they not open and read it.

On arrival at the opulent house of infamous ill-repute, the group found their senses tantalized as smells and sound spilled out into the street. They were greeted at the door by a guard who checked their heads carefully and paying particular attention to their ears. He was looking for a trouble-maker, but passing the first inspection took their letter inside then invited them in.

Once inside, they met Odetta Walker, matron of the Lusty Goblin. They ask about the troublemaker and find out about an elf named “Sunny” who gave a girl named Greta the gift of an exotic pet weeks ago. Everything was fine until 3 days ago.

A lot of effort has gone in to repairing the damages caused by the little monsters. She said she’d appreciate your discretion in dealing with the matter so that business wouldn’t suffer. She provided the group with ornate “passes” to explore the house without worry of guards, girls, or patrons giving them a hard time. She smiled the group, Christian in particular, as she left them with Greta.

Greta was almost instantly recognizable as a half-elf with red hair, much like Gwyn and Gloria. This lead to further speculation over their friend’s father. Greta was quite the popular item at the house due to her exotic appearance and skills. She reiterates that she was given a special gift by Sunny weeks ago and enjoyed its company without incident until it fell in the tub and the others popped out. They came back later that same night, only changed. They were ugly and nasty. They hurt her and damaged the house before stealing her pet Gizmo. She hoped that Gizmo would be okay. When asked about the “trouble” caused by the elf named Sunny. She said that she didn’t think Sunny was a bad guy. He had come to talk to her many times over the years and often brought her gifts. Not sure what Ms. Odetta’s problem with him was.

The party left her and explore more rooms in the house. They found themselves in the room of some more exotic women from a distant country, Tequila translated from inside Lance’s bag. They spoke of creatures in the closet, stealing their clothes. Upon inspection they found a closet full of various outfits and uniforms for the most discerning customers. Poking around a creature jumped out at Redden and missed. Lance decimated it with a swipe of the longsword. The girls thanked them and told them they’d be most grateful if the party found their favorite black and red dress.

Next, in what looked like a torture chamber, a janitor pointed to a hole in the wall. Lance investigated with the light of his badge, shining it intently down the hole in the crawlspace. Immediate a creature shrieked, tried to jump out but succeeded only in impaling itself on splinter. Lance knocked it out and the group tied it up on a “device” in the room. They attempted to interrogate it but found it most unhelpful. They sealed the hole shut with a heavy bookshelf.

In other rooms, they found a hole under a bed. Christian stabs in hole with spear and actually impaled one. They sealed it by rearranging furniture. They later met with other girls from around the house including a dwarf comedian, a girl with a pixie cut, and an awkward exchange between father and daughter.

Satisfied with what they had found out from the colorful characters within, the party investigated outside and saw that tracks lead from a hole in the foundation of the house into sewer entrance by the back houses. A guard informed that it where the bath water from “Les Maisons Derriere” was dumped to avoid perverts.

They asked that the guard inform everyone who should know not to do that for the next while until they solved the dilemma.

They debated the prudency in attacking them head on down there when they could be overwhelmed by numbers in the dark sewers. They took to visiting Waldorf at his store. He understood the situation and while he would love to go clopping around the sewers with his peg leg, he instead gave them a “Flash bomb” that they could throw and would create an all too brief burst of intensely bright light that could stun the creatures. He asked that should Gizmo be there, they try to take care and bring the little guy back all right as his wife was quite enamoured with it.

Through the dark sewers, Redden took the lead following tracks that were not well hidden. Occasional patches of low-light from sewer grates above partially lit his path… not that he needed it. His stealth and darkvision were unmatched which allowed him to get the drop on a gremlin carrying a bag full of food; smashing it into the sewer floor.

Through some twists and turns they found their way to an opening with dim light and steamy heat. In a chamber beyond a dead and charred gremlin and gate. Through the bars they could perceive that there was a very warm room with a bubbling spring. Above the spring hunt what they assumed was “Gizmo” and a large gremlin (the size of a human!) was dressed like a pirate. The mean faced monster was swatting at the cute little creature with the side of a rapier. To their left, laughing and guffawing could be heard and the smell of cigar smoke was in the air. To the right was the unmistakeable scent of garbage.

Christian kicked open the gate and threw down the flash bomb and instantly several of the creatures of the room were stunned. With the snap the rest of the party sprung into action entering the room and making shots or gaining ground. Tequila, materializing a tiny lyre from nowhere, played an inspiring song of courage called “Easy street” about how easy it is for heroes to carve down these rodents.

Christian and Lance took to the left and found a group of gremlins partaking in some kind of gambling with cards and dice at a table. The dealer appeared to have avoided the flash, but the gamblers appeared slack-jawed standing with their drinks and cigars dropped to the floor next to them. As they approached the table they felt a strange level of discomfort go through them, a strange nagging doubt in their minds.

Redden and Tequila provided support from the top of the room. Redden hit the tallest gremlin in pirate’s garb with a few cold iron arrows, it smacked the stunned mogwai sending it swinging side to side then retreated to cover shouting something out indecipherable to all but Tequila who translated for them as “Get them! Get them!”

=== End of Session ===



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