Bjorn Lothbrok

The Ironbeard

  • Tall, blonde, strong built “prince” of the north. His blue eyes show a fading innocence and strong desire to lead.
  • 16 years old.
  • The only son of Ragnar, Earl of Kattegat village, Bjorn is in line to someday become the leader himself.
  • This is the first winter he hasn’t been sent south with his mother and sister.
  • He is quite eager to prove his worth to his father, uncle, and anyone else in the village that may doubt his manhood for lack of having a beard. (experience)
  • Assigned to you by his father to guide you across the northern reaches to investigate two keeps in hopes of finding bandits and missing people. Perhaps he could learn a thing or two along the way.


  • Believes in the sanctity of “home,” even temporary ones such as way stations and campsites.
  • Rather devout in his faith and believes in charms and trinkets that can ward off evil.
  • Believes in honour and glory. He talked Christian out of killing Needles, who was already tied up, defenseless, and injured.
  • That said, he also sees the wisdom in cutting down an enemy as they sleep to keep the group safe as bandits/hobgoblins/ogres are “Ulfr” (wolf people, to be hunted and killed as wolves)

Update 2

  • Increasingly reliant on his faith to push forward
  • Protective to his own detriment. Lost an eye while trying to save a child from killing herself.
  • Bjorn Ironbeard, War Priest of Odin.

Bjorn Lothbrok

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