Fethi Ken-Shakkas

Crane Style is OP.

  • strong female hobgoblin warrior leading the hobgoblins at Clover Keep
  • Held in high regard and esteem by her soldiers, they speak of her regularly.
  • Slaves believe she and her troops were hired by Evelyn “Evil Lyn” to take out the Murder Hobos. With the mission complete and the food running out, it is uncertain what her plans are.
  • Said to be the best of the captors, as at least she seems to abide by some form of order and rules while bandits were much more chaotic in nature.
  • Said to occupy the room on the upper east side.


  • When the horns blared from below, Fethi was paid by Tom to take care of the situation.
  • Tired of this place, and even more so of the people running it she takes his money and plans to leave.
  • Faced with the party, strong enough to infiltrate this castle, she challenges their strongest member to a hand to hand duel for the ownership of the remaining slaves, assuming it to be a cakewalk.
  • Surprised by Christian’s tenacity, she gives the party the option to simply buy the slaves from her for 400gp (talked down from 500gp by Anatole)
  • A deal is struck and she and her remaining soldiers leave the place within minutes, taking their money with them and just about anything else they could carry.
  • Assumed to be heading back somewhere “north”

Fethi Ken-Shakkas

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