Haunted Halfling Hero

  • Mysterious halfling Returner who has been calling Sodsville home for some time.
  • Accompanied Cygar Anravis to Tamran upon hearing of the major earthquake and disturbance.
  • Cygar explained that the Returners would call upon his aid in cases of paranormal or supernatural activity were noted.
  • Strange power and connection to magic, able to channel the elements into manifestations and call forth celestial creatures to fight at his side.
  • Healing magic possibly granted by unknown deity/deities
  • Casting magic seems to come with great effort and strain.
  • Looking for answers within the ranks of the Returners, he joins the heroes on their trek north to Nikeah and the Northern Reaches.
  • Is haunted by a spirit(s) for unknown reasons. Things around him occasionally float around or get re-arranged.
  • Ascended to Mythic status along with the party though didn’t meet any divine beings. Was told of his past before losing his memories. Found out he was a bandit of sorts, hiding out in a cabin in the woods waiting for some people to come back so he could murder them, He was struck by some kind of wild magic which wiped his memory and nearly killed him.

Those people he was about to murder became his foster familly in Sodsville.

  • Holds painful memories of a failed mission where he ran away from a fight with a mean flaming chain covered undead creature which took the life of two of his comrades. Feels the need to go back and finish the job.


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