Old Tom

Everyone needs a hobby.

  • Infamous leader of the Murder Hobos that plague the area north of the Saddler River.
  • While previously nomadic, his group has taken a keep to the north of Nikeah as a base of operations.
  • Brands the members of his group with an “MH” on their upper arm.
  • Involved with slave-trading.
  • Into some strange stuff (considered dangerous)
  • Head over heels for Evelyn “Evil Lyn”, possibly due to magic.


  • Has become increasingly paranoid, and untrusting. Only cares for himself, Evelyn “Evil Lyn” and his number one guy Bob
  • Doesn’t like/trust the hobgoblins but is said to have guards stationed outside of his door, and on the rampart to the west of his room… likely by decree of Evelyn or Fethi Ken-Shakas

Update 2

  • Amateur monster taxidermy atrist
  • captured by party after they caught him cutting off the hand of a slave in hopes of attaching a wolf’s paw.
  • under Evelyn “Evil Lyn”’s spell.

Old Tom

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