Redden Culph

9 Lives, Cats Eyes


Class: Ranger (4) Name: Redden Culph Age: 17
Height: 5ft 9 in (175 cm) Weight: 155lbs (70.5 kg)
God: Erastil Alignment: Neutral Good (NG) Language: Common

HP: 45

Ability Scores:
Str: 14 +2
Dex: 18 (racial trait) +4
Con: 14 +2
Int: 10 +0
Wis: 13 +1
Cha: 10 +0

Fort: 6 Ref: 8 Will: 2

Initiative: 10 (FT 12)

AC: 17 Touch: 14 Flat-footed: 13
Speed: 30ft CMB 6 CMD 20

Favorite enemy: Animals +2
Favorite Terrain: Forest +2

Composite Longbow 1 (P): +9 1D8 +1 (10 1D8 2 pointblank shot)
Animals (FE) +11 1d8 +3 (
12 1D8 +4 pointblank shot)
Critical 20/ X3 Range 110ft

Great Sword (S): +6 2D6 + 3
Critical: 19-20/ X2
Range: 5ft

Warhammer (B): +6 1D8 + 2
Critical: 20/ X3
Range: 5ft

Machete (S): +6 1D6 +2
Critical: 19-20/ X2

Throwing Axe (2): +10 1D6 +1 (point blank shot)
Critical: 20/ X2
Range: 10ft

Traits (2) - brush with death
- reactionary

Skills (8) - knowledge (nature) 6
- knowledge (geography) 5
- craft (weapons) 6
- disable device 11
- profession (hunter) 5
- heal 6
- handle animal 7
- perception 8
- swim 7
- survival 8 track: 10
- ride 8
- stealth 16
- climb 8

Wild empathy: D20 + 4
Feats (6)
- point blank shot – improved initiative
- precise shot – endurance
- Quick Draw
- Rapid Shot


Redden had a quiet life in the small village of Grimby. His home was on the edge of the village and he lived with his parents. He has an older brother, 2 younger sisters and a little brother. His father made a modest living as the blacksmith of the town and his mother was a washer woman. During his young childhood he would spend his days around the village square or cooling himself off in the local pond with the other youngsters of the town. He would occasionally help his father in the smith doing menial jobs.
At the age of ten his life abruptly changed. After a particularly bad snow storm his family and he were wrapped up in their beds trying to keep warm. In the middle of the night he heard his older brother, Minas, sneaking out of the house. He was obviously going to meet with the millers daughter which he was doing more frequently of late. Redden was a curious child and wanted to know what his brother was doing. So he got dressed and followed his brother, trying to keep out of sight. The light from the full moon was bright and he could make out the shadow of his brother up ahead. Minas was skirting the village to keep out of sight. Suddenly Redden heard a scuffling sound up ahead and ran forward to see what was happening. He could make out figures up ahead dragging a body towards the forest. Unsure of what to do Redden froze in his tracks. He was torn between running back to his parents or trying to save his brother. As most young people Redden believed he was invincible and after a few minutes of indecision charged after his brothers captors.
He followed the clear tracks in the snow to the edge of the forest. The forest was pitch black and all the horror stories his brother had told him about the forest came rushing into his head. This was the point where he really doubted what he was doing. After a while of staring into the depths of the forest Redden pushed on. Here the tracks were harder to follow then before. The further he went into the forest the less deep the snow was and the clear tracks from before had all but disappeared. By the time the tracks were impossible to follow for the young boy he realized he was lost.Snow had started to fall again and Redden was now shivering in the clothes he was wearing. He wished he had taken his father’s heavy coat. He couldn’t continue to follow, so he decided it was time to alert his father and get help. He started trying to follow the tracks to head back to the village. After about ten minutes the fresh snow had started to cover the path that he had followed, so he continued in the direction that he thought was right. His trudge continued for hours and now his feet were going numb. Redden started to cry, it was at this point he really became afraid. The ground was getting steeper as he walked, he knew that if he didn’t find shelter soon he was going to die. After another half an hour he saw a cave in the cliffs ahead. Relief coursed through him as he knew now he would be able to survive. As he entered the cave the biting wind disappeared and compared to out side the cave felt warm. He moved deeper into the cave then collapsed against the wall and fell into an exhausted sleep.
Redden was awakened suddenly by a push in the back, and a loud sniffing sound near his ear. When he opened his eyes it was too dark to see anything but he felt warm wet air blowing over his face. As he sat up he heard a growling and was nudged back down. He knew something large and strong had woken him up and was now threatening him. Panic gripped the young boy and he quickly rolled over and tried to run to the exit of the cave. As he got to his feet and started running he could hear large footsteps starting to run towards him. Ahead Redden could make out light streaming into the mouth of the cave. Hope filled his chest that he could make it out alive. Though as is often the case hope is quick to be squashed. As the young boy felt sunlight hit his face he suddenly was flying forward through the air. As he landed the air exploded from his lungs and he continued rolling until he hit the trunk of a huge oak. When he tried to open his eyes everything was blurry and an agonizing pain was shooting across his back. He saw a huge form rise in front of him but couldn’t make out any details. He closed his eyes to try and pretend that this was all a dream. Suddenly he heard to thumps, an almighty roar and large footsteps running away from him. When he opened his eyes the creature was gone. Redden couldn’t believe it. He tried to push himself up, but only made it to his knees before the pain in his back proved to much and he collapsed face first into the snow.
When Redden opened his eyes again he was laying in his own room. He tried to sit up but a scream escaped his lips and he started sweating profusely. His mother, Ingirt, ran into the room and held him down gently. He blacked out again and didn’t wake for several days. When he finally did wake the local healer and his family were surrounding the bed. They explained to him that he was found in the forest and brought back to the house a week ago on death’s door. The whole week was touch and go. He had lost a lot of blood and had a fever for most of the week that finally broke last night. He needed to rest and wasn’t allowed to move for at least another week. The days past in a blur of waking for short periods of time and forced to eat broth to keep his strength up. When he could finally sit up his father came in to tell him that Minas was missing. Redden explained that that was why he had wondered into the forest. He told his father the whole story of what he could remember. The following day the hunt master, Valki, came to visit and ask more questions about Minas. He was tasked with trying to find out what happened and follow an leads. He also explained it was he that found Redden in the forest and scared the bear away with a few arrows. Without accepting a thanks Valki walked out of the room to pursue his brother.
The following few months of recovery were extremely boring for the ten year old. He hated to be bedridden and forced himself to more and more movement everyday. Valki had visited his family the month before to apologize to the family for not being able to find Minas. The tracks had run cold and he hadn’t even found a body. He thought it could have been Goblins or the local bandits that run rampant in the area that had taken him. He also came regularly to visit Redden and in their time together told stories of his exploits and his love of the forest and all that he did. As a ten year old Redden was very curious and asked a multitude of questions to the hunter. Redden looked to Valki as a hero to worship and over the following years took to shadowing him when he was in town and mimicking the way he walked, talked and acted. He went as far as starting to practice with an old bow his father had stored in the house.
In his fourteenth year Redden was lined up in front of the town elders with the other boys of the village. Today was the day that the Masters of the town picked apprentices to learn under them. Redden’s father stood up their with the others ready to choose who would work with them for the next three years learning their craft. Redden had already talked with his father a month ago telling him that he wouldn’t follow in his footsteps and become a blacksmith. He had fell in love with being in the forest and his father knew that his son wanted to emulate his hero. The boys were all nervous as they knew if they weren’t picked they would become the laborers of the village and never master a craft if they stayed. Depending on the craft the masters could choose several boys to join them or they could pick just one. Redden knew that Valki only choose one, and only every now and then. It wasn’t a guarantee. His father picked first, He choose to boys then sat back down with them standing beside him. As the time dragged by more and more boys were picked and moved next to their new masters. Finally Valki stepped forward, he looked over the remaining boys then look at Redden and called his name. Relief surged through him as he ran to his new master. He knew he was on the right path.
Time than flew for Redden, he spent more time in the forest then he did at home, and loved every second of it. He loved the hunt, the tracking, everything about the job. He also realized that if anything happened in the village, like what happened to his brother, he would be able to help and find who ever did it. Though animals were not the only things they hunted. Several times bandits had come close to the village and it was his and Valki’s job to hunt them down and make sure they didn’t return.
As Redden approached the end of his apprenticeship his thought turned to what more he could do to help his village and rid the countryside of the problems that it had experienced. He knew of the group ‘The Returners’ that recruiting from this town and several others in the area were fighting hard to rid the area of problems. So when he turned seventeen he signed up to see what future was in store for him.

Redden Culph

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