Fancy Frank's Fantastical Things

This quaint little shop has large signs outside stating “Magic! Magic! Magic!” , the interior is dimly lit and an exotic incense makes for a vague fogginess and air of mystery. Strange masks and idols decorate the shelves.

The owner and shopkeeper Fancy Frank (Franklinbul Vraxim) is a dapper halfling selling goods in Tamran.

Loaded Dice, 10gp (DC15) 35gp (DC20)
Cards 1sp
Fixed Cards 50gp
Sling Bullets (Smoke, 10) 100gp
Thunderstones 30gp
Powder, flash 60gp
Sneezing Powder, 60gp
Liquid Ice 40g
Liquid Blade 40g
Marbles 1gp
Masterwork Thieves’ Tools 350gp

Private collection:

Feather Token (Tree) 400gp
Feather Token (Tar and Feathers) 600gp

  • NOTE: Frank has offered the party 500gp for a Cap of Human Guise *

Fancy Frank's Fantastical Things

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