++++++++The Nation of Gilead++++++++:

Gilead Country overview

Areas, Towns and Cities:

Western Territories

Stonehelm (Dwarf city)
Land’s End (Halfling settlement)

Fangwood Province

The foresty area. Once the lands of King Narven.

Sodsville – Loquar’s home
Grimby – Hometown of Christian, Lance, Redden, and Gwyn
Tamran – Provincial capital

Kili’s Quarry
Maurice’s Traveler’s Stop Inn (Moes)
Phantom Forest

Northern Reaches

Unforgiving lands and home to the resilient Reachmen. People here worship gods with different names, and face harsh winters though many take sanctuary in the supernaturally warm captial of Nikeah. Thought to have once been the territories of the Mountain King Grieg and his race of giants.

Nikeah – Provincial Captial
Kattegat – one of the larger settlements in the reaches.
Settlements (various) – there are smaller villages scattered throughout the reaches.
Northern Reaches – the reaches themselves.
The Stone Sinister – Giant hand reaching from the earth
Clover Keep and Horseshoe Keep – Old government outposts

Northern Frontier

Even colder, and thought to be full of monsters and monstrous races. Historically, the monstrous races where pushed up here by the encroachment caused by the spread of civilization as Gilead took over the entire continent. Monstrous races can’t be happy about that.

This area is also the one side of the continent not “walled” by mountains. The danger of the area completes the defense of foreign invaders to the country.

Province of Tull:

Tull is part of greater Gilead as a province, but is on shaky grounds politically with the crown. Many citizens of Tull would like to see it regain independence and sees the greater conflict being an opportune time for revolution.

Janusburg – Provincial Capital

Windswept Province

Bastion (Castle city, captial of Gilead)
Old Capital Naval Base – sister city on an island in Blood Bay.


Yggdrasil Tree, Lake, and Island.


The Kingdom of Aveh

Neighbouring continent to the south east. At war with Gilead, this land is home to a race of mutants who’d stop at nothing to take what is yours.



Xin-Grafar The mythic City of Gold told in legends and fairy tales.


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